Overcoming Incomplete Assessment

Current software evaluation processes do not assess the total cost of ownership (TCO). Factors like degree of deployment automation, upgrade capabilities, auto-scaling, elasticity, multi-cloud abilities, availability of API’s and architecture greatly impact TCO and should be considered prior to making an acquisition decision. Combined with the requirement that most software must integrate with other systems and those integrations are often complicated and costly, the review of software as a single-source solution proves inadequate in providing sufficient data for decision-making.

zerotrust labs atarc

Enabling More Informed Evaluations

nAbleCloud Labs has provided ATARC and federal agencies a comprehensive solution for obtaining more complete data about vendors’ zero trust solutions. Agencies gain insight into the software products’ deployment requirements as well as any dependencies. Additionally, by leveraging nAbleCloud Labs it is easy for agencies to change the environment in which the solution must perform thus providing a more accurate assessment.

Infographic of integrating different tools and data

Greater Integration Capabilities

No single vendor can address all aspects of zero trust architecture, which is why nAbleCloud Labs allows users to integrate multiple solutions into its cloud environments for simultaneous evaluation. With nAbleCloud Labs, agencies can observe how selected vendor solutions perform in conjunction with existing systems, as well as other software under evaluation. Providing a holistic view of the role vendor offerings can play in their operations, nAbleCloud Labs empowers federal agencies in the creation of more complete zero trust architecture.

Infographic of integrating different tools and data

Empowering Evaluation

In the pursuit of more effective zero trust architecture, agencies need software that comprehensively assesses vendor solutions. Zero trust evaluation is a complex challenge that requires the ability to look deeper into solution components. nAbleCloud Labs allows for the in-depth assessment that federal agencies need to gain a true understanding of vendor offerings. Access the tools that enable you to do more in your evaluation by working with Acuity Systems.