Best practices surrounding data warehousing are evolving quickly and Acuity Systems is leading the effort.   The rise of multiple Enterprise Data Warehouses and the need for self-serve, intuitive Business Intelligence and Analytics, requires highly-adaptable, scalable, and user friendly solutions.

A Logical Data Warehouse (LDW) consolidates critical data scattered across the organization, whether in siloed systems or multiple data warehouses, by providing a comprehensive, unified view of all data assets. Acuity combines multiple disciplines in data warehouse consolidation:

  • Repository management
  • Data virtualization
  • Distributed processes
  • Auditing Statistics and Performance Evaluation Services
  • SLA Management
  • Taxonomy/Ontology Management
  • Metadata Management
  • Analytics and reporting

Acuity has deep experience in developing and customizing a logical data warehouse that fits customers’ needs now and in the future. We help customers transition from data warehouses being just physical repositories to being part of an overall information services platform.

Acuity has close ties with many leading, open source technology vendors in the industry to configure and recommend the best solution for our customers. The technology revolves around taxonomy as one of the crucial elements allowing the user to understand the collected information.  Acuity’s state of the art taxonomy engine enables quick understanding of the commonalities across all data. We also employ proven methodology to virtualize any combination of the traditional Data Warehouse Cubes storage concepts (ROLAP, MOLAP, and HOLAP) into a Virtual Online Analytical Processing – VOLAP, to achieve the most cost effective LDW creation and/or migration.

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