GSA’s Data 2 decisions (D2D)

Acuity Systems is a leading technology innovator solving big data analytics problems for the Government. Acuity’s analytics platform and applications enable agencies to make sense of all their data, however siloed and disconnected. The platform is uniquely architected to help the Government transform data to insights and insights to value.

What is D2D?

D2D is a next-generation data and decision management platform capable of government-wide scale.

How it Works

D2D allows for the integration and management of siloed data sources and provides a framework that manage GSA’s entire Data Information Knowledge Decision path. This is achieved through a Logical Data Warehouse (LDW) and Enterprise Information Management (EIM) architecture that consists of carefully selected, loosely-coupled and yet highly interoperable components, such as Repository, Integration Module (Web Services, APIs and connectors), BPMS, Rules Engine, Taxonomy, and Analytics tools. The framework delivers Analytics-as-a-Service in an adaptive, flexible, mobile-ready, and cloud / on premise / hybrid deployable options.

Data Collection and Access

A single source for enterprise information management pulling from a variety of data sources and data formats

Data Repository

At customer site, on the cloud, or hybrid

Data Visualization

Lightweight and heavyweight data visualization tools for dashboards and data exploration

Data Analytics

Advanced analytics to solve business problems using data driven insights

  • What happened? - Operational reporting on past events
  • What will happen? - Forecasting the short term
  • What is likely to happen? - Predictive and prescriptive algorithms based on adaptive models and adaptive rules


D2D is cloud based and leverages open source technology designed to collect, manage, and analyze complex data and publish these analyses to relevant internal and external GSA stakeholders.

D2D technology components can be assembled in many ways depending on the customer needs.  Examples include aggregating data from different sources and different formats into Data Marts, providing Information Governance and Stewardship, developing Advanced Analytics, etc. D2D also provides sophisticated mechanisms for Data Retrieval and on-the-fly transactional transformation (far beyond the capabilities of an ETL Tool), coupled with sophisticated BPMS and Business Rule Management capabilities.


Traditional Data Warehouse

D2D Analytics Platform



Business Intelligence

Add on

Streaming Data




API Management


Advanced Analytics


Machine Learning


Data Information Knowledge Decision


D2D Business Benefits

  • Enable data-driven decisions based on real-time information and pre-built data applications
  • Manage data as an asset and transforming into decision ready information
  • Fulfill collective and independent data management needs across the agency
  • Provide greater, yet secure access and a holistic view of data across functions and domains
  • Provide a powerful engine enabling all data-related enterprise initiatives
  • Facilitate the development of advanced analytics to describe the past, diagnose reasons for events, prescribe ways to achieve desired outcomes, and forecast future scenarios

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