What Tools Do Data Scientists Need

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Faton Gjuka
  |  November 21, 2016

Data science is a multi-discipline endeavor that helps draw valuable insights from different sources of data. While most data scientists exhibit an extensive mastery of the tools and languages required in this field, some fail to grasp beyond the basics. It explains why even the most knowledgeable of the data scientists strives to level up the skills. When it comes to executing analysis, there are dozens of tools that scientists can use which include:


As the world moves towards automating most tasks, the use of the data-driven software is a fundamental requirement. StarCluster is a tool designed to promote automation and simplify the construction, configuration, and management of clusters of the cybernetic machine on the EC2 cloud. It helps users develop a cluster-computing platform in the cloud appropriate for parallel and shared computing systems and applications. It unlocks the capability to complete interactive processing of massive amounts of data.


Data analysis is a task that happens in learning instructions as well and private companies. A project needs critical data analysis at every workplace, hence the need for programming software. Plotly is the collaborative graphing library that improves of programming software such as MATLAB, JavaScript, R, Python, and Excel. It helps users to track data as well as control the files visibility. You can, therefore, determine what goes into shared folders and private ones.

Regardless of the option selected plotly integrates with Network X, Python notebooks, gglot2, pandas, shiny, matplotlib, databases and reporting tools. When it comes to developing interactive maps, the device supports scatter, subplot, line, bubble and choropleth maps. You can make a map and embed it in dashboards and applications.


Every scientist wants to access a distinct data set from what seems messy. The reality is that working environments offer more than one type of data sources. Whether you are dealing with multiple data sets and sources, you cannot wish away the need to duplicate the records. With numerous ways to merge data, Dedup comes in handy towards analyzing similarities, which promotes faster duplication and entity resolution.

Graph tool

Despite a huge spread of graph and network analysis libraries for Python, the chart tool comes a reprieve for those looking for a sound analysis. If you have applied tools like Gephi and NetworkX in developing a large graph, you probably have failed more than once. Previously, NetworkX has been the most popular tools for network analysis thanks to the rich API and little barriers to applicability. However, problems start arising when you try to crunch larger graphs.

On the other hand, Gephi gives amazing way to visualize and develop a new figure; however, it comes with sophisticated scripting interface that bars the ability to control the process. For the modern scientists, graph tool seems to solve these problems as it incorporates lessons gained from previous versions.

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