CEO Paul Shulman Talks Winning at the Alfresco Government Summit

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  |  June 13, 2018

The Alfresco Government Summit took place on May 22, 2018; discussions this year ranged from leveraging the power of open source to streamlining business processes. While the overall theme of the summit revolved around one of today’s hottest buzzwords, digital transformation, it was clear that this popular term comes with its share of challenges. Acuity Systems’ CEO, Paul Shulman, discussed some of those issues during his summit presentation, “How Winners Deliver the NOW Experience.”

Change Isn’t Enough

Shulman is no stranger to transformation. For over 25 years, he has been pushing boundaries within the technology and energy arenas. His diverse experience varies from tactical management to strategic development, building organizations amidst ground-breaking technological advances.

He created Acuity Systems when he saw that there was a void in the marketplace. Customers, both in the commercial and public sector, need to blaze their own trails to stay alive – and Shulman knows that digital transformation in the form of big data analytics can help them do just that.

It is evident in today’s tumultuous business environment that disruption doesn’t come easily. Customers want it their way – and they want it now. The company that innovates first is the company that wins. Case in point: Netflix. The media giant’s worth now rivals both Disney and Comcast.

The NOW Experience

In Shulman’s presentation, he described the “NOW experience” – which gives customers what they want, when they want it, and via their preferred distribution method. This level of immediate satisfaction presents its own challenges, though, which means that a basic, lackadaisical approach to digital transformation is not enough.

In an environment where speed is everything, companies must be able to customize, adapt, and deliver.

How to Become a Winner

Knowledge is power, and that power fuels the NOW experience. By solving big data analytics problems, companies, both large and small, can harness their true potential and start competing today – not in a couple of years.

It is not impossible to win; enterprises simply need digital transformation solutions that have been designed with the NOW experience in mind. These systems must be collaborative, optimized, rapid, and elastic, allowing companies to adapt to customer and market demands. Any enterprise can become a winner; all it takes is the right tools – and the right partner - to do it.


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